This piece has been composed just after « People / Time », a chamber music work commissionned by the Donaueschingen festival in 2003. It shares with it a same interrogation about our society, our behaviors with time and money.
It is somehow a way for me to contest our economical system, where this subject becomes a kind of framework of the music.

The pieces starts with a wood cube sequence which symbolises a rudimentary object which contrats with technologies (motion capture, real-time video). Then the music starts with loops and cycles of rythmic patterns in which the presence of radio and movie sounds (mainly dialogs) are producing a second layer of perception for the audience, activating some collective memories. And the music starts to go faster and faster, just like what we do sometimes in our lives, as we are so frightened to loose time...

The video, from Vincent Meyer, is acting as an obsessionnal presence, creating a visual counterpoint of the theme of the project, a metaphor of drift.

VIDEO : TEASER 2015 - performance by Jean Geoffroy

VIDEO : EXTRACT 2006 - performance by Jean Geoffroy

Score Extract


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video version : Percussion video and electronics
CD version : Percussion and stereo soundtrack


dur. : 17'00

Commissioned by GRM - 2004

First performance : 24/04/2004 - Paris, GRM
solo percussion : Jean Geoffroy



Pierre Jodlowski Publishing
score pdf .zip, 1,7 Mo

Wooden CUBE construction manual
doc. pdf .zip, 340 Ko


CD "direct music" - éOle Records 2011
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