Ghostland new teaser

The new teaser of Ghostland is now online after the world premiere in Warsaw Autumn Festival and the tour in France in november.


L’aire du dire REMIX

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the vocal ensemble Les éléments, Pierre Jodlowski has been commissioned a remix of his opera « L’Aire du dire » composed in 2011. This new version is based on the original recordings, remixed in a brand new « electric » way. Online sale here.


Outer Space

Watch the full movie of Pierre Jodlowski's last creation : Outer Space, for trombone, electronics and video premiered at LUX, National Theatre of Valence last 15th of March by Florian Juncker, trombonist of the berliner ensemble LUX:NM.


Time & Money

Aichi Arts University | Nagakute | Japan || Jean Geoffroy, percussion


National Forum of Music | Wroclaw | Poland || Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Marzena Diakub (conductor), Lech Dyblik (actor). In the frame of the Festival Musica Polonica Nova.


University of Geneva | Geneva | Switzerland || Steve Clarenbeek-Gennevée, percussion - Quentin Darricau, saxophone


Sibiu International Theatre Festival | Sibiu | Romania || Les Percussions de Strasbourg - Katharina Muschiol, movements and objects - Pierre Jodlowski, live electronics