World Premiere of San Clemente at LUX, National Scene of Valence

Final concert of Pierre Jodlowski’s two seasons residency at LUX, National Scène of Valence with the world premiere of San Clemente, Musical Theatre show composed for four musicians, a filmed dancer and audiovisual layer on Tuesday the 14th of May at 8.00 pm.


Release of CD WZC

Release of the record White Zero Corporation, experimental rock duet formed by Pierre Jodlowski (bass, keyboards and electronics) and Alexandre Babel (drums and percussion) under the label éole Records by the end of summer 2019.


Monographic Concert with ensemble MusikFabrik

A one week residency with the german ensemble MusifFabrik resulting in a two sets monographic concert on Sunday the 14th of July at Bogen 2 in Cologne.


La Ralentie

Grange aux Concerts | Cernier | Swizerland || Clara Meloni, soprano - Jean Geoffroy, percussions - Pierre Jodlowski, live electronics - Matthieu Guillin, sound ingineer || Festival Les Jardins Musicaux.


Centre Pompidou | Metz | France || Pierre Jodlowski, live electronics and sound diffusion

Serie Rose

Palazzo Pesce - Mola di Bari (BA) || Italie || Special Evening : Night, Love and Death Music - Piano Recital || Benedetto Boccuzzi - piano || Concert infos

Mad Max

Globe of CERN l Geneva | Switzerland || Philippe Spiesser, performer. In the frame of Geneva International Music Competition.