New creation : Diary, Random & Pickles

Diary, Random & Pickles, a new work for 5 musicians, 10 children and electronics, has been commissioned by the berliner Ensemble LUX:NM.

It will be premiered on Thursday December 15 - 7:30pm - Konzerthaus Werner Otto Saal | Berlin | Germany.


Soleil Noir at Odyssud

Rerunning of Soleil Noir at Odyssud-Blagnac on 2016 november 15 - 8:30 pm, with the interprets of the premiere concert in Pau on november 2015. Donatienne Michel-Dansac, soprano - soloists of the OPPB, Andrei Feher conductor - Pierre Jodlowski, electronics.


Music, Violence and Other Stories

Solo live ectronics performance, commission by Ina-GRM and Imeb 2009. Rerunning at Toulouse, théâtre Garonne, on 2016 november 18 at 9 pm. The program is completed by the piece Post Human Computation for electric guitar, video and electronic, played by Toon Callier.


Série Noire

Musikschule | Ulm | Germany || Luca Pfeifer, piano

Série Rose

La Fonderie | Le Mans | France || Guillaume Fournier, piano

Série Blanche

La Fonderie | Le Mans | France || Guillaume Fournier, piano

Diary, Random & Pickles

Konzerthaus, Werner Otto Saal | Berlin | Germany || Ensemble Lux:NM, technical management éOle