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Pierre JODLOWSKI is a composer, performer and multimedia artist. His music, often marked by a high density, is at the crossroads of acoustic and electric sound and is characterized by dramatic and political anchor. His work as a composer led him to perform in France and abroad in most places dedicated to contemporary music aswell as others artistic fields, dance, theater, visual arts, electronic music...

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Grand Prix Lycéen des compositeurs

gplc-logo_201.jpgTime & Money (CD éOle records éOr_005) has been selected to participate to the Grand Prix Lycéen des Compositeurs, a french contemporary music prize which is based on the vote of thousands of highschools students from everywhere in France. The award ceremony will stand on march 25 at the new Philarmonie building in Paris.

CD Direct Music

CharlesCros2014-OK.jpgThe CD Direct Music (éOle Records éOr_005) was rewarded "Coup de cœur" by the french National Record Académie Charles Cros on the occasion of its 2014 prizes. The CD is available on the website of the distributor Distr’Art


news_2011_03b.jpgThe Berg Orchestra (Prague) will perform live Respire for ensemble, electronic and video, for a musical show on the cultural channel of the national czech television - Friday december 12. More details soon on the website of the orchestra.

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Ombra della mente

Music Academy Auditorium | Reims | France || Accroche Note Ensemble : Françoise Kubler,voix - Armand Angster, bass clarinet - produced by Césaré, National Center for Musical Creation.


Cité de la Musique | Paris | France || New Version on the occasion of the Pierre Boulez Exhibition for his 90th anniversary

Ghost Haendel

Villefranche-sur-Saône | France || Charlotte Pailhès, piano - Andréane Jenatton, danse

24 Loops

Mc Arthur Recital Hall | Flint | U.S.A. || Performed by percussionists of the Limonest Music School