This piece refers to the question of improvisation and pays tribute to personalities in the field of jazz music whose influence is very important for me. Here, a simple phrase of four notes, the opening of "Sun Ship", one of the most dynamic record of John Coltrane, is the basis for material of the part, both in terms of melodic rhythm.

By successive construction and deconstruction that cell irrigates the "Chorus" at multiple levels. I could not help but think of the musical material of the "allegro misterioso" of Berg's Lyric Suite, also from deploying four notes, the analogy with Coltrane saxophone, seemingly utopian existing indeed, beyond the notion of gender.

The relationship to improvisation appears here by a constant internal energy, as if the starting point of any musical act could not avoid a first impulse, a kind bounce required for any live music...

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Solo percussion


dur. : 15'00

First performance : 12/05/1996 / Orange (France)


éditions Jobert (fr)
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