During a visit to the Arena of Nimes, I was struck by the series of hallways, corridors, perspectives, the inherent tension in those places, just if the architecture and the light kept track of antique violence.
I had a vision of a long shot at different levels, a succession of movements which were converging in a inevitable way to the center, no other outcome beeing possible.
The visual tension is the source of driving energy of the project, which is always towards the movement of tension and breakage. When it calms down, the music talks about dust, breathe and the inspiration preceding the entrance.
Not directly narrative the form is following a wandering path : a dynamic force and a set of opposit statements are divided or added.

This piece is dedicated to the Ensemble Proxima Centauri and especially to Maribé.



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flute, saxophone (soprano + baryton), piano, percussion and electronics


dur. : 12'00

Commissioned by : French Ministry of Culture - 2008

First performance : 28/11/2008 by Ensemble Proxima Centauri / festival Novart in Bordeaux (France)

Audio extract


Pierre Jodlowski publishing
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