As it is often the case in my work, this music refers to the state of the world, the shift of consciousness and the annihilation of critical thinking . It is indeed about a form of degeneration that progressively limits our intellectual speculations.

The music here is trying to oppose this process by wrapping itself around an ascending structure made by successive crescendo,  a gradual tension and a rise to power. But the process is not linear : each part is a little longer than the previous one and it seems that a kind of inertia invades the speech like a trap preventing anything to happen.

Beyond the metaphor, my writing is based on simple gestures, repetitions and exchanges argued in  a strong  tempo significant of the intensity I try to convey through the musical act.

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soprano saxophone (or b flat clarinette), percussion and electronics


dur. : 12'00

Commissioned by CAMPLER, festival Aujourd'hui Musique - Perpignan (FR)

First performance : 24 nov. 2007 / Perpignan (France) / musicians : Radek Knop et Philippe Spiesser



Edition Pierre Jodlowski
score pdf .zip, 916 Ko