This duo cross borders between Jazz and contemporary music. The two musicians know each other and share their practice since long time. What's join them ? Probably some kind or rough energy, their knowledge of different musical areas and some experimental approach combined with more standard jazz colors, warm and brilliant. Jodlowski's musical backgrounds, based on bass guitar and a very original way of using machines and technologies (sensors, and augmented bass concept) are serving in the best way the virtuosity of Knop. Saxophone sound is here powerfull, in a way following the great masters traditions, but also crossing the borders easily through some special colors and deep rythmical control. A free jazz, joyfull and dense to be disover…

Gazeta Kultur- Poznan / 2014

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Radek Knop : tenor and soprano saxophones
Pierre Jodlowski : bass, keyboards, electronics


1 : intro

2 : Up trip

3 : Poznan

4 : Gamelan colors

5 : Pushing

6 : Anybody there ?

7 : Concrete matter

8 : spectron

9 : Poznan (slow motion version)

10 : up Trip (live in Poznan)

11 : free Mind (live in Poznan)