Dissonance - sept. 2015

Among European composers born in the seventies and coming to the fore, Pierre Jodlowski certainly provides an interesting example of what could be called a nomadic voice in European serious music. His artistic gestures are multiform and multilingual and include other musical media such as film and video. Jodlowski is interested in on-stage collaborations and improvisations. He regularly avoids the well-trodden paths of classical concert halls and revels in the new possibilities offered by electroacoustics. His work appears as definitely hybrid and baroque in both its means and forms.

Deeply influenced by 'musique concrète', Jodlowski shows a real interest in sounds taken from everyday life which he will later transform by cut, stick and paste  operations to reach the limits of what we traditionally think of as music. So much so that regular visitors to art galleries would initially judge this as a work of art installation rather than as a piece of music.
OMBRA DELLA MENTE(2013) based on the writings of Italian poet Alda Merini, was the highlight of this concert. This creation reveals a succession of various moments, atmospheres of anguished tension followed by moments of grace and « douceur ». This occurs in a most sophisticated way even when the most extreme crisis is reached . 

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Review from festival "Les Amplitudes 2015"