GHOST  WOMAN was created for a specific musical event devoted to the theme of Dom Juan and presented by the music section at the Venice Biennale, in 2010. The main idea of this event  was to use every space in the Venetian Pisani palace and organize a special circuit for the visitors.

While wandering through the rooms and courtyards, up and down the stairs, the people's attention was drawn by musical and video installations, musical excerpts from Mozart 's opera, sound and visual contemporary creations, all of them related to the Dom Juan's myth.

GHOST WOMAN is actually a video triptich set at different levels. Its semantic contense comes from a text by Kierkegard which refers to the three stages of desire embodied by Dom Juan :

Youth or feeling no desire in front of somebody to love ; maturity or desire as a source of social, moral and religious emancipation ; old age or feeling desire although there is nobody to love. The choice of video writing has been structured according to two essential ideas : a temporal inversion in the message and the use of the "Vanities " pictorial genre in the staging situations. "Vanities" being paintings that suggest the fleeing of time and the slow approach to death.

The first text on youth (the first stage of desire) depicts an ageless woman acting in a white-coloured space. The second (maturity) refers to the myth of Ophelia and the third (senility) is linked to a rock concert. A unique womanbecoming the ghost of our consciousness tells us about desire evolution throughout our life.


VIDEO - Primo stadio

VIDEO - Secundo stadio

VIDEO - Terzio stadio

VIDEO - Cluster

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video installation


Commissioned by La Bienale de Venise - 2010
Production : studio éOle /
Concept, sound, vidéo : Pierre Jodlowski
Concept, video et staging : Christophe Bergon
Actress : Manuela Agnesini
Odyssud-Blagnac : Artistical residence
La Gare aux artistes - Toulouse : Artistical residence