Immersive and spellbinding, Pierre Jodlowski’s latest creation plunges us into an area of indefinite boundaries. Composed for electronics and four percussionists from the famous Percussions de Strasbourg, the score also includes the play of lights and writing of the stage space.
Extended by a large panoramic screen, the stage changes into an infinite space, a territory where shadows seem to come and play with the bodies.
A dreamlike show, Ghostland however opens eyes onto today's world: the "ghosts" in question certainly refer to deceased loved ones and the traces preserved by memory as well as, in a more metaphorical way, the individual caught up in the machinery of a system that tears him from reality, from self and from others.
On the screen, we see meeting rooms, large offices, cold areas gradually inhabited by strange, ghostly beings... The percussionists Minh-Tâm Nguyen, François Papirer, Galdric Subirana and Flora Duverger progressively abandon their instruments to play their attaché-case or virtual percussions con brio.
To these four performers, who look like young executives, puppeteer Katharina Muschiol provides a counterpoint: a silhouette behind the screens, an evanescent presence, she is like an echo from afar... Here two space-times meet and contrast, opening up the field of possibilities to the spectator.




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4 percussionnists, 1 puppeteer
video, scenography, lights and electronics


dur. : 60'00

commissioned by : Les Percussions de Strasbourg
production: Les Percussions de Strasbourg
coproduction: éole, studio de création musicale
concept, composition, lights & video : Pierre Jodlowski
artistic & technical collaboration: François Donato
musicians : Les Percussions de Strasbourg - Minh-Tâm Nguyen, François Papirer, Galdric Subirana, Flora Duverger
handling of objects : Katharina Muschiol
real-time electronics : Pierre Jodlowski
With the specific support of ADAMI & FCM

World Premiere on the 19th of September 2017 in the frame of Festival Warsaw Autumn (Poland), ATM Studio


Pierre Jodlowski Publishing
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