Since the begenning of XXIst century, some historians have developped new approach and concepts about human conditions based on acceleration principle. Indeed, since around 20 years, networks, communication system, travelling, virtual realty and so one, have generated new behaviours and new definition of human relations. World wide network (internet and cellular phones) is now covering more than 60 percent of the part of the planet where humans are living and soon there shoudn't be some place where we could not be connected in any manner to the rest of the world. And of course, due to time and space, this implies big changes in our everyday life and perhaps more deeply in our identity's definition.

During the last past years, I have been quite "busy composer", travelling a lot, dealing with many different people in very different context and sometimes, to find myself in such a constant moving life, it was not so easy ! But I tried, always to keep one eye open and the other one closed, or more precisely blind to direct perception and which was focusing on a constant line, this one very personal of artistical approach. And the more spaces and time were disconnected, the more I could feel safe with this constant line and create some links between unpredictable situations.

So here is starting a kind of diary : videos, pictures, sounds and written notes, catched here and there sometimes on purpose and sometimes just by chance ! I was then shooting a lot of situations without specific accuracy, at least a conscient one… The semantic emptiness and lack of dramatic tension is sometimes obvious in those pictures ; but it represents the world as it is, without judgment, as a flow of energy.
This project is then a kind of trip thru different spaces with a constant line supporting the entire structure : a reflexion upon this acceleration process which I tried here to mix with humor aswell as some philosophical considerations…

This piece is dedicated to Anna Pétrini and Fabrice Jünger who commissioned it and first performed.

VIDEO : CONCERT EXTRACTS 2019 - Ensemble MusikFabrik




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Contrabass flute, Paetzold flute
video and electronics


dur. : 15'00

Commissioned by Elektronmusikstudion Stockholm

First performance sept. 28 - 2012 by Anna Petrini & Fabrice Jünger / Festival Warsaw Autumn

Audio extract


Pierre Jodlowski Publishing
score pdf .zip, 1.1 Mo