This project refers to information networks and the drift of over-communication that characterizes contemporary society. The electronic part is essentially made up of artificial voices which give orders and organize the actions on stage. Human beings (here the 2 musicians) find themselves caught in authoritarian processes, victims of a technological escalation where men and machines merge.
Composed for the Geneva International Competition, this work also questions in depth the role of the percussionist: in a long introduction, he is confronted with himself having only his hands and his body for instrument and following orders given by the virtual. The development of gesture writing evokes a generalized virtualization of the world where the reality seems to dissolve in a digital and increasingly frightening environment.


Pictures of the first performance with, in order : Richard PUTZ, Marianna BEDNARSKA, Hyeji BAK. © Anne-Laure Lechat.


IT_scoreExtract.jpg, mai 2020

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- original version for percussion, bass-clarinet and electronics
- solo version for percussion and electronics


dur. : 16’39

Commissionned by : International Competition of Geneva - 2019

Conception, composition, lights : Pierre Jodlowski

World Premiere on the 18th of November 2019, Centre des Arts, Geneva, Switzerland
performers : semi-finalists of the International Competition of Geneva 2019
bass-clarinet : Olivier Vivares / Ernesto Molinari
live electronics : Pierre Jodlowski
sound engineer : David Poissonnier


Pierre Jodlowski Publishing
score pdf

Available on request


soundtrack extract