This project was conceived for a choreographic adaptation for the Ballet of Monaco. The title refers to the process of continuity and logical relations which are used in mathematical or physical domains. The principle is relatively simple: each element is firstly presented and then repeated, with little changes until it transforms into a new state. This phenomenon of continuity allows me to construct a work with rather disparate materials which are combined and developed through the formal path. The piece is divided into 4 main parts: a long opening with an orchestral character, a « gesture-based » sequence that presents a musical motif repeated and transformed into a long crescendo, a quieter moment where the material transforms very slowly and finally a very rhythmic sequence with jazz-rock connotation.


First performance with a choreography by Gaétan Raffin / students form the danse Academy of ballet of Monaco

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4 channels soundtrack


dur. : 16'50"

Commissioned by: Printemps des Arts Festival of Monaco

First performance: the 20th of March 2014, Printemps des Arts Festival of Monaco

Sound projection: Marin Bonnazzi

Choreography: Gaétan Raffin

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