What is the relationship between the real and the imaginary  world ? This question was the starting point of this project  devoted to the city of Berlin. Before my visit here, I had  imagined all sorts  of things about the huge city having such a rich historical past. I thought about the places, the people, the transformation of urban spaces .I built up my own ideas with the information i got from texts and images.

In October 2001, I discovered the city for myself during my time at the Berlin Academy of Arts . When I visited the city, I could not help comparing what I saw with  what I had previously imagined. I then set out to capture the sounds  and  images and worked on the urban material : a new vision of Berlin was born which became an artistic allegory of this space.

This peculiar impression of at last facing reality is the main feature of this composition.Every musical gesture, every sound or visual articulation asks questions to the audience :
What are the musicians exactly doing ?
Where do sounds come from ?
Can we recognise any images ?
How do the various elements  interact  with each other ?

With these questions I have attempted to make the audience loose its bearings and in the end, this is what really interests me!  Will not this questioning wake up one of the most precious human quality : curiosity ?



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violin, bass clarinet, percussion and real-time audiovisual set


dur. : 22'00

Commissioned by Berlin Academy of Arts

First performance : Winter Music Festival / Berlin / december 2002 by Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin

Audio extract


Edition Pierre Jodlowski
score pdf .zip, 1,3 Mo


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