Initially, there will be a tale, a story... night, escape the city, follow the road, fast... Entering the forest in search of something, a special zone... End of the trip : the discovery... the beginning of something else... the fall... These are the pictures that lead us to the "Kingdom from below" by the play of symbols and signifiers spaces (the city, the dark forest, a strange house,). The music begins in the fall, and leads us through long shifts to a unknown and unexisting place.
In these movements where texts follow a reverse chronological order (from the long history of burnings by Polastron up to Plato's myth of Cave), we ask ourselves : what do we do with knowledge ?

Is Today's world, overloaded by high doses of informations and entertainment, really different from this "bottom" ?

Downstairs, there is nothing but archaic gestures : those from musicians, those woven by fluorescent lights that evoke the possible re-birth, those from pictures becoming streams. And the electricity that comes here to amplify the sounding material : beatings, slidings of the bow, flows of breath, tactile activities, movements of air.

From this original state, from this primitive energy will hatch a kind of incantatory mechanical music made of speed, hustle and rupture...


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Isabelle Duthoit (clarinet, voicing) / Jérémie Siot (electric violin) / Jean Geoffroy (percussions, objects) / Manuela Agnesini (actors)


dur. : 1h00
First performance : 11/03/2010 at TNP Villeurbanne / festival "Musiques en scène"
Texts, composition, video : Pierre Jodlowski
video : David Coste
Scenography and lights : Christophe Bergon

Commissioned by : GRAME / Césaré, Centre Nationaux de création musicale Production éOle, collectif de musique active / Grame. Coproduction : Césaré | Le TNT – Théâtre National de Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées | Ayin - Laboratoire d’interprètes | Le Centre des Arts d’Enghien les bains | With the participation of French Ministary of Culture and Communication - Dicréam

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DVD "Le Royaume d'en bas" avalaible on request
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