This performance is a result of several projects that question, repeatedly, our relationship with death and violence, along with their reference to the world of movies. Since "De front", composed in 1999, I continue to seek an articulation point between the impact of space on our cinematic collective behavior and relative accuracy with which they are supposed to aspire. Cinema is not only an art form ; its influence on our lifestyle is very important : it acts both as the catalyst for a collective consciousness even at the same time and in the best cases, as a source of proposals, an alternative to social positions conditioned by neo-liberalism.
It is this duality, negative and positive end, which is explored in this project. Starting with archetypal situations, directly inspired by movies, I try here to reconstruct a universe whose ambiguity is justified by a wish to act on our mental spaces. The experience may be here to ask what is real or fictional, which is a provocation or emotional intensity and try to capture the "sound" and semantic of violence.

The texts of this project, dialogues, monologues, in English and French are part of the process of composition. I wrote them at the same time with music and they became "references" that are questioning our relationship to pictures and a certain intimacy of life.
The situations presented by these texts create tension and reflection that will serve as an impetus for musical performance. These "clips" are used as a guideline, define the margins of music, induce a distance, open sensitive areas that I wanted brutal, extreme, just like what we can imagine sometimes but rarely try... Also, any resemblance of these sounds, the music, with real and fictional situations is voluntarily assumed.
This music is strongly not recommended to hear before the age of 16

Thanks to : Manuela Agnesini et Christophe Bergon (texts recordings) ; IMEB and GRM (production studio) ; éOle ; Véronique et Simon Jodlowski ; The directors of movies I saw during the creation of this project : Stanley Kubrick, Francis Ford Coppola, Kyochi Kurosawa, David Lynch, David Cronemberg, Peter Greenaway, Gus Van Sant, Peter Watkins, Chris Marker… K, X and Y ; FreeSound Project ; solitude, anxiety and some heavens…


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Electronic solo performance


dur. : 25''

Texts, concept, composition : Pierre Jodlowski

recorded voices : Manuela Agnesini, Christophe Bergon, Pierre Jodlowski
Commissioned by : IMEB and GRM
first performance : 29/03/2008 | Festival Présences Électroniques | GRM | Paris

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