This music has been composed for a danse project called "VIENNE TRANSFIGURÉE" ; this show was built around the figures of three major Austrian artists : Arnold Schoenberg, Egon Shiele, Stephan Zweig.
This composition is somehow an adaptation of Zweig's novel : THE CHESS PLAYER. It really respects the narrative structure of the novel and is divided in three parts :
[First Player - Second Player - The Game].
In this novel, Zweig tells us about Man's madness in a metaphoric way and this universe has suggested to me a very tense but also melancholy world.There, radio voices mingle with strange and distorted waltzes ; just as when we lose control and that only confused mark remain on our minds...

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electronic music


dur. : 14'30

Commissioned by Myriam Naisy Danse Compagny

First performance in march 2002, Odyssud-Blagnac / France

Audio extract


Full soundtrack available on request