Mouvement - February 2012

Oulipopéra by Pierre Jodlowski

In "Jour 54", Jodlowski explores Perec's universe and more particularly, his frenzied imagination and hidden pain. Actually, Perec has systematically hidden this pain in his books and particularly in the last which has been written as if it were a detective story.

"Jour 54" is neither an opera with a definite plot, nor the reflection of Perec's unfinished  book, but rather a polymorphic and unclassified work which appears at times as a biography but could also be a tribute to Perec, and which sometimes suggests a story being told. Therefore, from time to time, we understand some of the treasures contained in the book.

Although he considers this last novel from a biographical point of view, Jodlowski is undecided which path to follow and remains between the two. Passing from one to  the other, he then can show the complexity and mystery of writing and language that were so essential to Perec, which he used as a life saver and as a psychanalytic outlet.

Jodlowski too, explores  this complexity from afar, always with tact and subtlety, both in his writing and his work with the musicians . As such, "Jour 54" definitely reflects the writer's interest in language constraints and inevitable ways of breaking them.

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First performance of the scenic version of the radio opera "Jour 54”