Ecstasy is a state where the individual no longer has any perception of himself, wholly absorbed by himself. The violence of Western society every day reveals the flaws in its system. We know that some of the superfluous is without limits, while most of the others is not even satisfied. We are saturated by alarmist informations constantely, but the main responsable is human behavior.
What about our social practices, our behavior and their origins? In the 50s, a change began under the influence of new doctrines such as ego psychology and self psychology, which led to a break with otherness and secured society. The "bourgeois society" gradually put the ego and well-being in center of stage, becoming more individualistic and consumerist. Today we find ourselves faced with this ideology and we are dependent on ​​the relations between man and the world, and absorbed by the standardized forms that they generate...

With Narcisse-1 Ex/stasis, I want to explore the different meanings of the myth of Narcissus, the many different forms it ca take today. I want also to interpret the signs of narcissism through the contemporary codes and symbols, and work on concepts that flow out of the forms and which are the basis of this myth.

Il s’agit d’une lecture des fantasmes et poussées narcissiques qui conduisent à des déformations du corps, à des pratiques extrêmes jusqu’à celles de la transformation physique. La composition musicale de Pierre Jodlowski est au cœur du processus prolongé par une animation vidéo de Fred Cassan.

Coraline Lamaison



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NARCISSES-0 (2009) stage direction : Coraline Lamaison | texts : Coraline Lamaison, Kate Strong | actors and danser : Kate Strong, Julien Andujar |
music : Pierre Jodlowski | scenography : Marie Szersnovicz

 choreography : Coraline Lamaison, Annabelle Chambon | danser : Annabelle Chambon | music : Pierre Jodlowski


Sacd and the Festival d’Avignon,
CDC Toulouse-Midi Pyrénées,
Troubleyn/Jan Fabre, Théâtre de la Digue
Toulouse, Cie La Maison | éOle

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