Composed for one trombonist, video and electronics, Outer space is questioning space: an augmented space with the development of new technologies, in which the modern individual escapes risking to get lost. This vertigo is here expressed by the video: in the back of the stage, it opens a window on a virtual space, enclosed with four black walls, inhabited by three screens which show encrypted images.
The trombonist’s movements being coordinated with the camera motion in the video, the audience discovers this cold, tight and uninhabitable space filled and congested with smog, blinding lights and, soon, avatars of the musician until it reaches the final saturation point. The trombone, as a music instrument and camera, reveals its third identity: demiurgic hole, swallowing one by one clones of the musician during a burlesque scene. In the video, nothing remains except, frozen on the screens, a frontal view of the trombone’s bell, threatening, pointing the audience.

Video : full performance

Video : extracts of concert with Ensemble MusikFabrik - 2019


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video, lights and electronics


dur. : 11'14

commissioned by : LUX, Scène Nationale - Valence - France
coproduction : LUX, Scène Nationale/éole, studio de création musicale
conception, composition & video : Pierre Jodlowski
trombone : Florian Juncker
real-time electronics : Pierre Jodlowski

World Premiere on thee 15th of March 2018 at LUX, scène nationale de Valence (France)


Pierre Jodlowski Publishing
Available on request