The « Passage » is a dynamic sound corridor devoted to memories.
After interviews of the Siemens Company’s collaborators who gave testimonies about theirs own memories, fifty sound sequences were created in studio to recompose each mental space. Coming inside the tunnel,the visitor can ear these sequences. He is thus facing the imaginary world of someone else. Walking through the tunnel, he can listen to the sequences in different ways : either quickly crossing the tunnel or in a more precise way by stopping and controling the sound evolution with his movements.

Indeed, a sensors system gives the possibility to follow the people’s evolution and to control the sound and light diffusion.
A trip to the heart of the others’ memory, sometimes individual, sometimes deeply universal...
Beyond its immersive and interactive aspect, this installation leads to a deep reflexion about time and personal conscience thru this sharing of memories. Each one may find here a way to investigate its own history and try to figure out the place of sounds in it.



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installation audiovisuelle


Commissioned by Siemens Arts Program - 2009
Produced at Ircam – Centre Georges Pompidou and studio éOle /
Concept, sound design, programming : Pierre Jodlowski
Scenography and lights : Christophe Bergon
Sensors system, programming : Emmanuel Flety (IRCAM)
Sound design : Jacky Mérit
Development cooperation : Odyssud-Blagnac
La Gare aux artistes - Toulouse

Audio extracts


Promotional document (anglais)
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