How many faces we come across without really seeing them, without knowing anything about their memory ? Why are we more and more obsessed with winning and the thrill of speed ?
What unifies us otherwise this face that changes from smooth to striated, the right time of life ?

People / Time tells a story, or rather, some stories : that one about a decaying leaf, those ones about roads, which white bands become a measure of time, those ones about faces which are burning and merging into each other.

Realized in close collaboration with artist Pascal Baltazar, the videographic space extends the instrumental gesture, puts it in perspective, while possessing its own trajectory.

Also, a dialectical relationship is going on : both meaningfull or rhythmical counterpoint, the pictures convey the subject of an ongoing inquiry. Far from a categorical pamphlet, this piece tries, with irony and violence, to project ourselves into the other, to consider its history. Listening to time and measuring its extraordinary power...


Performance of People / Time by Ensemble Garage / november 2013 - Köln conductor : Mariano Chiacchiarini / Violin : Maximilian Haft / Cello : Eva Boesch / Clarinet : Nils Kohler / Piano : Malgorzata Walentynowicz / Percussion : Rie Watanabe / Trombone : Kevin Austin


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clarinet, trombone, percussion, piano, violin, cello, real-time electronics and video


dur. : 25'00


First performance : Donaueschingen festival 12 10 2003 / Ensemble Mosaïc / dir. : Robert H.P. Platz
composition, video : Pierre JODLOWSKI
video : Pascal BALTAZAR

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Donaueschingen 2003

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