ResMusica - June 2014

Ombra della Mente (Shadows of Thought) was inspired by the writings of Italian poetess, Alda Merini. Pierre Jodlowski uses extracts from You, after all and Delirious Love to construct an audio experience using light and electronics as important dramatic elements.

The talented singer and actress, Françoise Kubler, addresses Merini's extravagance and madness thanks to her very expressive voice range. This is enhanced when the powerful Armand Angster, playing bass clarinet, joins her as she switches from speech to song. Compulsive frictional sounds are produced by the two partners, each sitting at his own table. Those sounds invade space; and combined with the composer's electronic interventions, space becomes saturated suggesting - even if it is impossible to understand the meaning of the words-« this mysterious force preventing any possible harmony ».

Michèle Tosi - ResMusica

Performance of "Ombra della Mente", during Manifeste Festival in Paris