This piece is part of the "Series" cycle [pieces for piano and soundtrack]. This is the 7th piece of this cycle devoted to "colors" or furthermore to my personal relationship with colors, what they evoke or activate in my imagination. Ash refers to the gray color but also to its matter which symbolically evokes death. This piece, so far the longest in the entire cycle, is built around two principles: the first is an echo of Gerhard Richter's series of paintings "Acht Grau" (Eight Greys), a series of abstract paintings of large dimensions and which stimulate a contemplative state; the second is in the form of a narrative based on the idea of "passing" from one state to another. In this passage, we perceive elements of mortuary rituals as well as a certain esotericism. The ashes become the material of a reflection on this passage towards death and about what remains beyond this path.

VIDEO: TRAILER - [5 minutes] - Concert in Nowy Teatr / Warsaw - Dec. 2022

VIDEO: FULL PERFORMANCE - [25 minutes] - Concert in Nowy Teatr / Warsaw - Dec. 2022

PICTURES: Malgorzata Walentynowicz - first performance

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piano and stereo soundtrack


dur. : 25’20’’

commissioned by: Studio éOle - France

First performance: 21st of December 2022 / Nowy Teatr / Warsaw
piano solo: Malgorzata Walentynowicz
sound projection: Pierre Jodlowski


Pierre Jodlowski Publishing
Available on request