This work is part of the cycle "Series" for piano and soundtrack which I started in 2005 in close collaboration with Wilhelm Latchoumia. Its uniqueness is here to pay tribute to John Cage's prepared piano (here in his work "Daughters of the Lonesome Island"). Composing for this instrument implies to find a way to escape from identity of Cage's music intrinsically linked to the altered timbre of the instrument.

I have therefore chosen to work here with a very electric soundtrack, mainly carried out with a bass guitar. The first part is based on an alternance between two polar tones (E flat and G flat).

This opening, which develops slowly is folloed by a more "open area" with cadenzas in the low register (unprepared zone of the piano). Previously and carefully sampled, this piano is like "injected" into a soundtrack that borders areas rather dark, slow and tight, so much so that the reference to John Cage seems to disappear. Moreover, it is here that a loss seems relevant notion of honor ; the traces constituting always for me the starting point and not new paths already marked with Cage... The link is finally also that in the music itself, in humanity and contemplation that are in them-all the sounds of this piece.

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Piano & stereo soundtrack


dur. : 9'30

Commissioned by Fondation Royaumont

First performed by Wilhem Latchoumia, sept. 24 2011 in Royaumont

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Edition Pierre Jodlowski
partition pdf .zip, 510 Ko