This composition has been inspired by the thriller universe and more particularly by movies. I have actually tried to build a multi fictional space where characters, heroes of different films would meet and exchange. There may be a story and a possible direction to follow : A man is missing, the people looking after him find out he is the victim of a conspiracy, he has been trapped and will be forever  cut off from those who love him.
The pianistic writing derives from these narrative issues and requires a highly concentrated material, made up here of three elements :

  • a figure of three notes is used to begin with this composition and stress its transitions.
  • very fast sets of chords are weaving chromatic lines, very intense trajectories which split up or, on the contrary, tighten in highly concentrated gestures.
  • some chords sounding like bells to suggest an inner and suspended world.

Each of these elements is being developped and related to the soundtrack. The latter alternately suggests moments of great tension, of breaks and impossible conversations. A sense of humour and a hint to the notion of « cliché » are quite obvious here. The omnipresent voice-overs and referent noises in the soundtrack could make us  believe in a film music.

It is actually the opposite as this composition is rather « a film of musics » : everyone here being able to use freely these sound-devoted spaces to imagine his or her own world.

Vidéo : full performance by Wilhem Latchoumia

Vidéo : concert extracts - Ensemble MusikFabrik - 2019

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Piano and stereo soundtrack


dur. : 9'30

Commissioned by : Concours de Piano d'Orléans

First performance : 7/02/2006 / Orléans



published by : éditions Jobert (Fr)
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CD Wilhem Latchoumia / Sysiphe / Abeille music 2007