Soleil Blanc is an interactive audiovisual installation that immerses us in a sensitive area, inspired by the First World War. It offers the visitor an emotional and reflective experience by staging flows of images, sounds and lights. The installation does not « tell something », it stages a military operation table inside of a barracks surrounded by unstable audiovisual medias that we can interact with. The interaction generates the activation of visual, luminous and sound effects, inside and outside, creating a relationship to time and a dramaturgy which renews all the time.

While being metaphorical, the installation relies nevertheless on a tangible and specific reality of this war: a barrack in the middle of the trenches. It is from these muddy and putrid zones, that the soldiers were seeing the permanent smoke of the canons and the sun which became all white. Fear, permanent frontal shocks, darkness and bombing flashes : this is a way to define such a zone from which « Soleil Blanc » refers to.



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audiovisual interactive installation


Commissioned by: Le Bel Ordinaire, Contemporary Art Center of Pau and Orchestra of Pau
First performance: 20th of April 2016 in Pau at the Arts Pavillon, exhibition presented by the Contemporary Art Center

Pierre Jodlowski: concept, sounds, videos, programming
, scenography, lights
David Coste: video
François Donato: artistic and technical collaboration
Pierre Grinbaum: objets

Production: éOle
le Bel Ordinaire, espace d’art contemporain de la Communauté d’Agglomération Pau-Pyrénées / l’Orchestre de Pau Pays de Béarn / Odyssud-Blagnac, Scène conventionnée / le Musée de la Grande Guerre à Meaux


Presentation file (french)
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