TWINS PEAK results from my close collaboration with the musicians of SR9 trio. This project was initially part of a show named MACHINE(S) which is really not only a concert but also a theatrical performance and which I co-composed with Benoît Montambaut.

This project intends to question the star system and its unavoidable consequences. Here, two musicians facing each other revel in a violent and brilliant match where their identity is at stake. This specific stage situation implies to base musical writing on virtuosity (therefore reminding the idea of controversy essential in this project).

A third character, a kind of mighty conductor (powerful master) who controls the machines soon becomes a troublemaker in this sporty confrontation. He is totally able to reverse the parts and even substitute for one drummer. Both cheeky and authoritative, he has the power of making the musicians look dependent and somehow ridiculous.

In the same time, David Lynch 's weird universe is never too far : TWIN PEAKS has now become TWINS PEAK, stressing the idea that those two musicians are like one person thanks to an excessive energy which is reaching heights and never failing.



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2 drums, one conductor / drummer
and electronics


dur. : 15'40

Commissioned by Trio SR9 and studio éOle
First performance : 3/02/2015 / Festival « Journées GRAME 2015 » - Théâtre de la Renaissance / Oullins / France
Trio SR9


Edition Pierre Jodlowski
score pdf .zip, 1.5 Mo