This 8 channels composition has been adapted from « Le Royaume d’en bas », a theatrical project that I wrote in 2010. In this project I was focusing on the question of knowledge disappearance in our society overwhelmed by medias, social networks, and communication systems. In the background we can hear some quotations of the book by Lucien X. Plastron « Books on fire, the never ending story of the destruction of Librairies ». This Radiophonic project includes texts in french, polish, english and Italian.

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8 channels soundtrack


dur. : 27'15"

Commissioned by: European Capital of Culture Application Program / Wroclaw - Sept. 2011

First performance: festival « Les Amplitudes » in la Chaux de Fond, Switzerland - May 2015

Recorded Voices: Ania Kaczmarzyk, Manuela Agnesini, Pierre Jodlowski, Motyl

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